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Anatomy Lesson - Rembrandt

Created 1996 | Last updated - 24 October 2013 | Mike Mahon


ANATOMY (Gk: ana apart, tome cutting: ie to take apart a structure by cutting it up or by dissection) is a large area of study within the biomedical sciences usually relating to the structure of the Human Body. It is also an important area of knowledge and research within the fields of Medicine, Dentistry and the Paramedical sciences (eg Nursing, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy). Within the subject of Anatomy, structure, and its functional implications are studied at all levels of organisation from the Molecular, Cellular, Tissue (Histology) to the whole body level (Topographical Anatomy, Neuroanatomy) as well as developmental (Embryology). Growth, individual and population variability is covered under the heading of Human Biology a subject which begins to overlap with the fields of Anthropology and Palaeobiology. Modern anatomy utilises techniques in the areas of molecular and gene biology, cell biology, a whole variety of microscopies, morphometry and stereology and imaging.