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Neuroanatomy concerns the study of the nervous system at various levels of organisation (antomical, histological, cellular, and molecular) and overlaps and incorporates much in the fields of Neurology (Applied or Clinical Neuroanatomy relating to human function and disease) and Neuroscience (where species other than humans are studied). Specifically, courses, learning materials, and clinical situations are often covered separately under headings of peripheral nervous system (PNS), Central Nervous system (CNS), somatic and autonomic nervous systems.  This page provides links to useful Neuroanatomy and related web sites and CAL packages. Local students may wish to access resources via their courses in Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery, Physiotherapy and modules of Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering.

 Systemic Anatomy

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collection (Wisconsin)

Eye Motion Simulator

Neuroanatomy Image Gallery

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 General NeuroAnatomy Resources


 Peripheral Nerve  
 Spinal Cord  
 Cranial nerves  
 Special Senses  
 Sensory Nervous System  
 Motor Nervous System  
 Autonomic NS  
 Regional NS  
  • Larynx & Speech
  • Human Locomotion
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