1 T.66 Wall of aorta, H&E stain

9 T.74 Another muscular artery

2 T.66a Wall of aorta, elastic stain

10 T.75 Mystery vessel

3 T.67 Section of a muscular artery, elastic stain

11 T.76 Vessels

4 T.68 Muscular artery

12 T.77 Another mystery vessel

5 T.69 Arteriole

13 T.78 Peripheral artery and vein

6 T.70 Blood capillaries

14 T.79 Muscular artery with venae comitantes

7 T.71 Blood capillary, electron micrograph 15 T.80 Conducting tissue in cardiac muscle
8 T.72 Foetal vein, showing valve 16 T.81 Purkinje fibres
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