1 T.125 Diagram of lymph node

9 T.133 Lymph node (high power)

2 T.126 Lymph node with germinal centre

10 T.134 Lymphatic capillary

3 T.127 Region of lymph node with active macrophages

11 T.135 Lobe of thymus (low power)

4 T.128 Macrophage activity

12 T.136 Hassall's corpuscle

5 T.129 Subcapsular sinus

13 T.137 Thymic involution

6 T.130 Diagram of lymph node showing PCVs

14 T.138 Tonsil with crypt

7 T.131 Post-capillary venules 15 T.139 Spleen
8 T.132 Lymph node (low power) 16 T.139a Red pulp of spleen
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