1 T.165 Two diagrams of the kidney

9 T.173 Proximal convoluted tubule

2 T.166 Diagram of a nephron

10 T.174 Distal convoluted tubule

3 T.167 Correlating nephron structure and kidney structure

11 T.175 Renal pyramid (transverse section)

4 T.168 Kidney cortex

12 T.176 Collecting tubule cells

5 T.169 Section through glomerulus and tubules

13 T.176a Renal papilla

6 T.170 Glomerular capillary (electron micrograph)

14 T.177 Human ureter

7 T.171 Filtration unit (high power electron micrograph) 15 T.178 Bladder
8 T.172 Diagram of a capillary loop Menu Return to main menu