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This website complements the Anatomy Facility at Keele University School of Medicine which opened in September 2003. These pages provide online resources for Human Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology (Microanatomy), Neuroanatomy, Human Biology, Living and Radiological Anatomy, and some thematic areas such as Myology. They also provide  access to the preparative and research techniques employed, including Embalming, Anthropometry, Microscopy, Imaging and Quantitation. Anatomical Societies, Books, Journals, CDs, DVDs and other resources are also included. Some material is confined to Intranet access only club1110.gif (67 bytes) and no images of human material may be re-used online or offline without authorisation. For enquiries about use of the facilities, courses, or body donation use the appropriate links above.

Established September 2003.   Last Updated 20 Dedcember 2013 (MM), School of Medicine, Keele University, UK